Thursday, March 14, 2013


Some selected words from our new Pope (with the help of Google Translate):

It is what it is worth and all those who are called, are called to this: to participate in the peace that the song is sung in gospel, to participate and to share unit of meekness, because this guy later when he became man and preached I tell people: "Learn from me for I am meek and humble of heart." A message that after twenty centuries is still relevant to the petulance, arrogance, sufficiency, aggression, insult, tension, war , misinformation disorienting, defamation and slander. Meekness and unity ... consistency is all that comes from here, from this first sign. "This will be a sign", this is the password that is coming to teach.

Beside the crib, does two things: first, sentite invited the beauty of humility, meekness, simplicity, and second, search your heart at what point you are in out side, how are marginalized and you let Jesus from this lack convene yours, yours from that limit from that selfishness yours.  Soak up God, and you'll understand more what is simplicity, meekness and unity.  (From Christmas Homily 2012)

The Gospel speaks of humility.  Humility reveals a self-conscious human smallness, the potential it has in itself.  In fact, the more aware of our gifts and limitations, the two things together, we will be free from the blindness of pride.  And as Jesus praises the Father for this revelation to small, we should also praise the Father for making May the sun rise in those who trusted the gift of freedom, the freedom that brought forth in the heart of this people who bet to greatness without losing awareness of their smallness. 

Listen to the top as he listened, be listeners (ob-audientes) to reveal the truth to the extent that it reveals our pride.  Listen to the Lord that inspires great things in the silence of the heart itself and brother, friend and companion.  To reconstruct the social bond from the consistent common search.

This is how it grows and unfolds the wisdom of our people, quiet and hardworking, no other status but that of being humble.

 The wisdom of those who bear the cross of suffering, of injustice, of the living conditions faced to get up every morning to sacrifice for themselves.

 The wisdom of those who bear the cross of his illness, loss of their ailments and putting his shoulder like Christ.    (Te Deum, 5/25/11)


Today we need that, after being shaken by so many frustrations, I'll meet Him and tell us "Fear not," put yourself back on track, back to the Galilee of first love.  We need to resume the march that began our father Abraham and pointing us this Easter candle.  Today we need to meet him, we find him and he finds us.  Brothers, the "Happy Easter" that I wish is that today some angel roll the stone and let us find Him So be it.  (Easter Vigil 2008)
Let's pray for the new Pope as he leads men towards humility.  As he leads men to Christ.

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