Tuesday, July 03, 2012

On Salvation

To me, salvation is not just going to Heaven. Salvation means getting back to Eden. Gaining access to the Tree of Life. It’s to live forever. We can only do that through Jesus Christ. We can only do that in Him. He lives forever and we must be united to Him in Baptism (as Scripture tells us). Once we are Baptized, we are born anew (or born from above per John 3:5) and we must remain in Him. We are obedient to Christ in all things. We eat of His Body and unite ourselves more. Should we be disobedient, we become separated from Christ’s body and must be reconciled back to Him for it is only in Christ that we are saved. Christ’s body is His Church. In His Body is salvation. Outside of His Body, there is no salvation. That’s what salvation means to me. That’s what Christ promises. That’s what the Catholic Church teaches and that’s the true Gospel.

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