Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Is Hell Real?

Hell is a reality. In order to understand Hell, you need to have an understanding of God. There is a God so great out there who absolutely loves you!

And all He wants is that you love Him back.

Heaven is to be with God. For eternity. Hell, in contrast is eternal separation from Him. It's a void. An emptiness that cannot be filled. It is darkness. The reason a person would go there is because they walk away from God. They turn their back and refuse His love. Hell isn't hate. It is a rejection of God.

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Paul said...

I didn't learn about hell from church or from pastors. I was an atheist. I learn about hell existence from the paranormal activities that appeared in my life. I know that God loves me enough to reveal to me somethings most people don't come to realize or want to talk about. Demons are real and so I must conclude that hell must be real. I have been visited by demons and have been possessed by spirit twice. I invite you to read my blog at http://CertaintyOfWhatIsComing.BlogSpot.com