Monday, March 24, 2008

Sing a New Song

Alleluia, Alleluia, Christ is Risen!

May we sing at the top of our lungs
For our life has been restored.
May we never forget all that He did
And how He overcame death
For us

Thank You, God. Without You, I am nothing.
With You and within You,
I am saved.


rab said...

Den, I just wanted to contact you because I happened, inadvertently, upon a blog site called "Backpack Apologetics" in which you attempted to make some corrections as to the information about Saint Patrick on there. I just wanted to tell you that I was just doing the same...having an exchange with "Vocab" and a "Danny True". While Danny was cordial, and isn't anti-Catholic (doesn't refer to us as cult members or non-christians)...he still has some very wrong information posted. I liked that you responded, and did such a great job! I, too, was frustrated by his "one and only source book" written by 'some' his credible documentation. Your comments regarding the book, were very to-the-point...and I was applauding as I read your comments.

I hope you have a very blessed Holy Week!


I'm starting a blogger blog called, "One Family Apologetics"...I had a web site, which had to be dropped...I'm hoping to continue to evangelize and defend, with the blog.

TheDen said...


Thank you so much for stopping by. Your words are affirming!

Regarding Vocabmalone, he seems to be very Christ centered and is really out trying to bring people closer to Him.

Also, after your post, I reread my post and read his most recent Catholic article where he attends a mass.

His post was insightful/non-inflammatory and a good review of a mass from an evangelical perspective.

Also, since that St. Patrick's Day post, he's been writing posts where he is looking into Church history a bit.

I think if he keeps following God, it will eventually lead him to the Church. We just have to be patient. It will take some time.

Peace and have a Happy and Blessed Triduum.